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Members Needed for Development Review Committee

November 07, 2019 10:00 AM | Anonymous member

The EPRA Development Review Committee reviews Development Permit (DP) and Land Use Amendment (LUA) applications within the boundaries of Elbow Park. 

The City does not ask for opinions or consider opinions on “Permitted Applications” and, as such, many DP applications receive a stamp of approval without any community engagement.  These applications conform to a stricter set of rules and if the applicant meets these rules, the City approves it.  

On the other hand, the City emails “Discretionary” Applications to EPRA and gives 2 to 2 1/2 weeks to respond. In this case, the Review Committee Chairperson is responsible for organizing a community meeting at the Clubhouse, placing notices of the meeting in the mailboxes of surrounding neighbours, inviting the DP applicant and chairs the meeting in order to gather neighbour feedback and discuss options for changes with the applicant. 

Following the meeting, if warranted, an email is sent to the City Planner that outlines any concerns EPRA has regarding the DP.  Neighbour’s concerns are also highlighted on the email and neighbours are encouraged to write their own letters.

Members of the Committee must be familiar with the City Planning process and be adept at reading building plans.  There are workshops offered by the Federation of Calgary Communities that educate new members and get them up to speed.

The purpose of the Review Committee is to:  

  1. monitor the planning and development of the community;

  2. provide advice and comments to the City of Calgary on planning issues that directly or indirectly affect the community;

  3. determine what types of development permit applications the committee feels are important to review and which ones automatically warrant a “no comment”;

  4. respond to development application circulations from The City (and pre-application approaches from development applicants as required) on the types of applications that the committee has agreed to review; 

  5. appeal development approvals when in the opinion of the Review Committee, and with the concurrence of the Board, the appeal is in the interest of the community as a whole

  6. comment on the effect of the proposal on the adjacent properties and the surrounding community;

  7. comment on the effect of the proposal on community environment and transportation issues;

  8. where appropriate, put forward possible alternatives to the proposal; and

  9. identify issues relating to the community context specific to the proposal

  10. ensure that the broader community receives periodic updates on the planning effort, issues, and successes;

  11. ensure that comments and suggestions from community members and other citizens are heard and considered

If you are interested in hearing more about this committee, arranging to speak to one of the current members or applying for the position, please email Margo Coppus at

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