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Message from the Board

Welcome to the Elbow Park Residents Association (EPRA) website. The EPRA Board is happy you are visiting and hope you will find what you need. If not, don’t be afraid to contact us! We are a friendly bunch of volunteers who have a passion for connecting the people who live in our community and welcoming those who visit. We take pride in being the organization that represents the 1200 households in Elbow Park regarding all community issues, providing space for our residents to collectively gather and offering top quality sporting facilities for everyone to enjoy. Welcome to our community association!

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EPRA Sponsor Spotlight

Thank you Valentine Volvo for supporting EPRA's events and initiatives for over a decade.   

Recently Valentine Volvo sponsored 4 new garbage bins & 1 recycling container in the park.

Valentine Volvo has a long history of community engagement in Calgary. Founded in 1967 Valentine Volvo continues to support initiatives that make Calgary the best place to live, work and play.

Christy Hayne offers Pilates classes to the community. Join Christy for in person Pilates classes. Classes run 4 days a week. 
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