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Are you looking for a way to increase clientele and promote your business within our community?
Partner with us!

We're looking for businesses interested in providing discounts on merchandise and services to residents who hold a valid EPRA Membership.

How will a partnership with the EPRA benefit my business?

The downturn in the economy has created a difficult market for all businesses but particularly small and local boutiques.

Recent polls indicate that our neighbours prefer to support small and local businesses over big box stores and name brands. A partnership with the EPRA is the perfect opportunity to optimize this support.

How will the EPRA market our partnership?

Business partners will be featured in EPRA newsletters and emails as well as discussed frequently on our Facebook page and Twitter account. If you are having an event, a sale, or feature of any sort, our neighbours will certainly be aware.

Additionally, upon the annual renewal of an EPRA Membership, we will provide an up-to-date listing our current business partners and notes about the value each one provides.

You’ve sold me – I want to partner with the EPRA! Now what?

Please contact Don Ballance, EPRA Membership Director at 

In your correspondence, please tell us how the EPRA can most effectively support you and your business. Would you like to offer discounts on specific merchandise or services? Are you hosting or sponsoring any upcoming events that you would like us to promote or would you like us to promote your business more generally? Would you like to come speak about your business at a meeting of the EPRA Board of Directors? The options are endless and we are always open to suggestions from you!

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