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Volunteer Opportunities 

We Would Love to Get More Residents Involved!

January 2024

The Elbow Park Residents Association is looking for the following volunteers to help us with our mandate to build a strong community:

GAZETTE EDITOR The key activities for this role are to develop, print, and oversee the distribution of the Gazette to all households quarterly. Please email with subject: Gazette Editor Volunteer.

SPONSORSHIP DIRECTOR The key activities for this role are to solicit sponsors for key events and to ensure that sponsors are appropriately recognized and thanked. Please email with subject: Sponsorship Director Volunteer.

SOUTH CALGARY ARENA SOCIETY (SWAS) REPRESENTATIVE The key activity for this role is to attend society meetings on behalf of Elbow Park approximately 6-times per year. The SWAS is a unique community organization formed in 1983 to build, administer and operate Flames Community Arenas. The facility consists of international and regulation ice surfaces, a restaurant and lounge, concession and pro-shop. Please email with subject: SWAS Representative Volunteer.

COMMUNITY CLEANUP LEAD The key activity for this role is to support residents with an opportunity to dispose of larger items that do not fit in their waste and recycling carts. The application process for participating in the cleanup program will open on January 15th and close on February 15th, 2024. The cleanup events are to take place from the end of April until the end of September. For each event, the City provides: three packer trucks complete with crews, funding assistance for related expenses, and additional support as required (e.g., Bylaw officers, Waste and Recycling Educators, etc). Note that there are two information sessions in March. For full details, see this City page. Please email with subject: Community Cleanup Lead Volunteer.

ADOPT-A-TRAFFIC CIRCLE The key activity for this role is to gather neighbours to help weed, prune, and nurture the garden inside traffic circles during the Summer months - this is a fun way to beautify the neighbourhood! Some neighbours even pull their hoses over to the circle on dry days without being an official volunteer. Please email with subject: Traffic Circle Volunteer.

BLOCK CAPTAIN Volunteer to be the Captain of your own residential block and assist with Emergency Plans, Crime Reduction Messages, Membership Drive and other Block Participation in Elbow Park. One time job & meet the neighbours on your block! 2 hours/month Please email with subject: Block Captain Volunteer.

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