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  • January 23, 2021 5:25 PM | Anonymous

    The new issue of the Gazette is available on line. (Winter2021)

    This months issue includes the following features: Kicking It Old School - Christ Church’s Bells -  Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign - Local Lore - Call for Elbow Park Photos - and more.

    Don't miss the notice for the upcoming town hall meeting.
    Town Hall Meeting: Development in Elbow Park
    February 25, 2021 7:00 PM
    via Zoom

    Read it here
  • April 12, 2020 11:04 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    With Governments offering up COVID-19 financial aid, people are vulnerable to predatory cyber scammers.  People have been receiving text messages supposedly from the Federal government saying a $1,375 relief payment had been sent to them.

    The message provided a legitimate-looking URL and warned that "data rates may apply".  What those who clicked found was a website looking like a legitimate government site asking for personal information - including banking information- required to accept the deposit.

    The Canadian Fraud Centre is warning people to be wary of communications requiring urgent action or payment and/or offering medical advice, financial relief or government assistance and compensation.

    RCMP say that Albertans have reported being contacted regarding fake positive COVID test results, self assessment surveys, fraudulent donation campaigns and door-to-door decontamination services.

    Anti Fraud Tips

           If you didn't initiate contact, you don't know whom you're communicating with

           Never respond or click on suspicious links and attachments

           Never give out your personal or financial details

           Don't be pressured into making donations

           Verify independently what charities are registered

           Check the "from" address by hovering over the name

           Be wary of high-priced or low-quality products purchased by bulk by consumers and resold for profit

           Be wary of questionable offers, such as miracle cures, herbal remedies, vaccinations, faster testing

           Be wary of fake and deceptive online ads, including cleaning products, hand sanitizers adnd other items in high demand

           Verify information sources

           Be wary of clicking on the links provided in emails unless you know it is coming from an official source

           Do not follow the link in a text message, but instead, go to the URL using a trusted search engine such as google to find official resources

           Be wary of links that look official. Links can be directed to any page on the internet, including the scammer's own site

           Be wary of advertisements for "N95 Masks in Stock" or COVID-19 Testing Kits

           Be wary of offers for Free and you pay the shipping fee

           Check the Canadian Anti Fraud Website for a list of reported scams

  • April 12, 2020 8:48 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Dear Residents,

    I hope you're having a wonderful Easter weekend with your families.  As I know this is a day many of us would normally be gathering with our friends and extended family for a holiday meal, today may be a difficult one for many and I want to ensure everyone knows they're not alone in this amazing community. 

    At different times through this COVID journey, every one of us may need help, regardless of age or circumstance.  EPRA is grateful to have a list of people willing to volunteer and we are able to provide support in a variety of ways.  It is now time for people to provide those people with the opportunity to help.  Use this Elbow Park Cares Link  to fill out a form and a volunteer will contact you to provide assistance.

    If someone doesn't take on the job of receiving, others are unable to give.  And, this neighbourhood knows from experience that we are a group of people who like to give. How about we start to view the act of asking as a way of giving? 

    This is a time when each one of us is vulnerable.  It is time for us to gracefully accept our vulnerability, clearly define what it is we need and then, ask for help. 

    This is a time to shed our stoicism and our belief that being overwhelmed or emotional is a weakness. Vulnerability forges connection and the circumstances we find ourselves in right now is a perfect time for us to connect through vulnerability, become communal beings and find the joys of community.

    Asking for help is difficult because

    • we tell ourselves that we have it easy compared to someone else. It's easy to convince ourselves that we just need to toughen up and cope like everyone else. It's time to shed that belief.
    • we are afraid of rejection and a fear of being belittled if we share our vulnerability. Trust!
    • you may have experienced other people being dependent on you for help in the past and you don't want anyone else to feel resentment toward you. It's time to get over that.
    • perhaps you struggle with being the centre of attention and the sense of self consciousness about talking about yourself or a problem and asking for help is uncomfortable for you. It's time to be brave.
    • you might be afraid of what will be expected of you in return if you accept help. It's time to remind yourself that you have gifts that you share everyday without even knowing it. Let others share with you too.
    • you may feel that you have a sense of control if you deal with things all on your own. It's time to get clear on what you need and learn how to ask for something specific.

    Here are a few suggestions of what you might ask EPRA volunteers to assist you with:

    • you just got groceries, either delivered or on your own, but, they didn't have vanilla. Ask us to help you get vanilla delivered to your door.
    • you would like to put up a heart in your window, but, you don't have the supplies (or skill) and you'd like one delivered to your house
    • you are feeling overwhelmed and feel embarrassed because everyone else seems to be coping just fine. Ask us to have a volunteer call you on a regular basis just to say hi, how are you today?
    • you are having trouble with your computer or phone and would like someone to call and walk you through a solution
    • you need something mailed at the post office and you've been out several times this week already and you'd like someone who is going anyway to take your package for you
    • your son is teething, you're home alone and you'd like someone to bring over some Tylenol
    • you would like someone to make you a cloth face mask
    • you would like to join in on a Zoom session to meet new neighbours

    Please reach out to ask for help at Elbow Park Cares Link or phone Jane at 403-680-9320.  Any request is worthy, valued and treated with respect.

    We've done this before Elbow Park. Let's Connect and do it again!

    Jane Virtue

  • April 11, 2020 9:56 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Residents of Elbow Park are able to send their comments regarding upcoming development permits through a new online system. Go to the Development Map and zoom into Elbow Park on the map, then click on the property you want to check (blue indicates DP application, green indicates Land Use Re-designation), click on the arrow next to the DP # to expand it, click on the Details (big red rectangle), you will see a red Share your comments” button. You can only leave your comments during the review period, before the deadline. Contact for more information.

    DP2020-2159 3441 6th St SW Application for a Detached Garage with relaxation for driveway length. Comments due April 30.

    DP2020-1389 313 40th Ave SW Application for Discretionary Single Detached Dwelling. Currently being reviewed by the review Committee. Concerns identified: the intent of the applicant is to subdivide this 75lot and build a second home on it. The current proposal only shows one tall, narrow house extending much closer to the riverbank than any of the neighbouring existing houses, which may negatively impact neighboursproperties to the west during floods. Please email for more information or concerns.

    DP2019-6420 3620 13A St SW Application for Discretional Single Family Dwelling. This one has an attached rear garage, but, EPRA has heard no concerns from neighbours. In advertising stage.

    DP2019-5600 337 40th Ave SW Application for a deck. Was initially approved, but then appealed because of concerns that it was in the flood zone. Application has been refused, but the partially built deck has not been demolished yet.

  • February 27, 2020 12:40 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    A few days before the Christmas holidays, collection of the garbage from our bins in the Clubhouse park ceased.  

    Upon further investigation, we were informed by the City that the garbage bins located on our LOC (License of Operation, the park land we lease from the City) had been "donated" to our community association in 2016.  This was the first I had heard of that.

    Since 2016, somebody was collecting our garbage. I suspect that it was the contractor working for the City who was unaware that the City was no longer going to collect our garbage on the LOC. This contractor had been collecting our garbage for years and probably assumed that it would be strange for the City to stop collecting the garbage from the bins in the SAME park.

    A few days before Christmas 2019, we experienced FULL bins.  This was the first indication that it was EPRA responsibility to collect the garbage. The City has collected the garbage in our LOC Park  for over 50 years.  It took us by surprise that they would stop providing this service.

    I asked the City to collect the overflowing garbage from the bins prior to Christmas, and they obliged.   Since I have been unsuccessful in resolving the issue since Christmas, the bins are overflowing once again. 

    My attempts have been:

    Contacting the Contractor who collects the garbage container at the playground adjacent to our LOC, however, they are unable to assist because it would be a "breach of contract".

    I contacted the Contractor that the City used previously, however, they no longer work in the area and it is not financially lucrative to come to this area of the City.

    I have contacted smaller companies that collect garbage, however, I've been told that they are unable to collect garbage that contains "animal products" (dog waste).  Regulation stipulates that no animal products can be disposed in the landfills. Given that our containers are 80% dog waste, these companies are not an option.

    I've gone back to the City to request their assistance.  They offered to collect our garbage for $50 each time, however, will only do this for two garbage cans and when we get our new cans, bringing the total to 4, they will not be able to accommodate that many.

    We are now investigating the possibility of moving the garbage bins onto the City owned land.  The City will pick up at these locations without charge.  One can be moved to the corner of 8th and 34th near the toboggan hill. I am waiting to hear where the other can be moved to.  

    As for the donation that Valentine Volvo made to purchase us 4 new garbage cans and 1 recycle container; we will wait to see if we can move forward with this or not??

    I will keep you informed as I hear more from the City. In the meantime, please use the garbage can near the playground to deposit your dog waste. This one is on City land and will have collection services.

  • January 22, 2020 8:03 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    EPRA is looking into the possibility of setting up a community garden and there are a couple of spots that have been identified for potential use. A few residents have already expressed interest but before continuing we would like to get more input to see if there is enough interest to pursue this. If you have any questions, feedback, or would like to hear about some of the areas in Elbow Park being considered for this project, please email and we'll have a member of the planning committee get in touch with you.


    Typically, a community garden is a single piece of land gardened by a group of people. Residents would be able to rent individual or shared plots of land within the garden. Community gardens offer people and the community many benefits. They provide opportunities for both recreational gardening and food production, in underutilized spaces. Community gardens are great for the environment. They bring people together and may reduce crime rates in the neighbourhood by increasing visibility and engaging citizens in positive initiatives. There are many examples of community gardens throughout Calgary, for example, Inglewood Community GardenHillhurst Sunnyside Community GardenMarda Loop Community Crop, and Bankview Community Garden, to name a few.

    For more information about Community Gardening in general, please visit the Calgary Horticultural Society’s website at

    Thank you,
    The EPRA Community Garden Committee

  • January 22, 2020 6:56 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    If you live in Elbow Park and are interested in a part time job with just a few hours per week, please apply to  We’d love to have you join our team!

    Hours of Work: Flexible, 2-6 hours per week, Availability required 7 days a week
    Hourly Wage:  $20 per hour


    Assist the Clubhouse Manager with the following duties:

    • Manage maintenance requirements with trades
    • Develop administrative systems to support the Board
    • Website administration
    • Assistance with communication and marketing
    • Coordinate Gazette advertisements
    • Assist Gazette Editor
    • Manage hall rentals 
    • Onsite meetings with renters 
    • Assist Treasurer with payments
    • Order supplies and equipment
    • Organize the storage spaces
    • Manage the cleaning services
    • Develop annual Clubhouse budget
    • Manage cleaning and waste collection
    • Liaise with EPTennisClub
    • Mail Collection and Organization
    • Assist with Marketing including Sandwich Board management
    • Manage phone messages
    • Open and Close the clubhouse as required
    • Organize the storage spaces
    • Assist the Clubhouse Director in the development of an annual budget.
    • Maintain a Directory for Clubhouse business
    • Assist with Event Organization
    • Light Cleaning

  • January 22, 2020 6:21 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    I know that we agreed to refer to ourselves as the 55+ Group so my apology for using the "Seniors" word.  I had great hopes of getting this group flourishing by now, however, with all of the other responsibilities of the President role it has been put on the back burner.  

    Let's revive it!  But, I need your help.  Firstly, I need someone or a group of people to take on the role of Seniors Program Coordinator.  Secondly, we need some "Seniors" to assist with:

    • Booking a speaker for a session and coordinating the session

    • Communicating to other Seniors and getting their participation 

    • Assisting Seniors with transportation to the Clubhouse if necessary

    • Writing an article for the Newsletter 

    • With the support of the Event Committee, host an Happy Hour at the Clubhouse

    Please email Jane at and let me know if you are willing to help.


  • January 22, 2020 6:20 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We would like to have a Block Captain assigned to each block in Elbow Park this year.  The idea is to have one person who is the main hub for community communication on the block.  The responsibilities for Block Captains would include:

    • Gather contact information for people living in each house on the block, and supporting EPRA with the Membership Drive (once a year)

    • Flag residents who may need community support (Seniors, Mobility Issues, Isolated Individuals etc)

    • Provide communication to block homes regarding information specific to their area such as Safety and Crime concerns, Block parties and other Block initiatives 

    • Provide feedback and communication to EPRA regarding concerns specific to the block

    If you are interested in being a Block Captain for your block, or have any questions about this role, please send an email to Amy Norman at 

  • January 22, 2020 6:18 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The City is adopting a new Guidebook for Great Communities (GGC) which directs how communities will evolve and grow. The Guidebook is the tool (statutory policy) that sets out guidance and a common understanding of how development will contribute to a great community.

    The new Guidebook will influence the way that the City approaches development in all communities and will be used in conjunction with local area planning (i.e., Area Redevelopment Plans also called Local Area Plans (LAPs)). 

    The City has been working with other communities on their LAPs and have lumped similar communities together into Multi-Community Local Area Plans that include policies for a group of communities instead of stand-alone plans (such as the Elbow Park Charter), as was the practice in the past. 

    Elbow Park has not yet been included in a multi-community LAP and we don't know which other communities we will be lumped in with.  Multi-Community LAPs will provide a larger picture of assessing amenities - like parks and schools, infrastructure - like roads and sewer, and shopping or service areas that impact community evolution spanning numerous communities.

    Our Elbow Park Development Strategy is to complete work on our Elbow Park Area Plan now.  That is part of what the new Planning Committee work is all about. Based on feedback that we get from Elbow Park residents, this group will create a Local Area Plan specific to Elbow Park. 

    The city wants to increase density in ALL neighbourhoods and we want to ensure that we have a solid document that will provide guidelines as to where it should be located and what type it should be.

    You will be receiving a survey in the future that will ask you specific questions about development in Elbow Park.  Please take the opportunity to respond in order to ensure that your voice is heard.  

    For more information on the Guidebook:

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