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Roles & Responsibilites of the Board


  1. Review and Revise the EPRA Business Plan, Strategic Plan, Decision Making Structure and Work Plans at least every 6 months
  2. Manage finances in order to maintain a “low risk” Audit rating
  3. Provide Transparency to members regarding finances and mandates
  4. Implement strategies that increase revenue sources in order to fund improvements (tax levy, membership fees, grants, casino, fundraising)
  5. Establish strong and effective Board Governance
  6. Poll Residents to determine their position on issues in order to represent them effectively in community and City matters
  7. Ensure the Vision and Mission of EPRA is paramount in decision making
  8. Assess and prioritize the current issues in Elbow Park and refer the issues to a group of volunteers lead by a Director
  9. Collaborate with Glencoe Club to renegotiate the Tennis Club lease to ensure tennis is accessible to residents
  10. Develop partnerships and collaborative processes with community schools, Christ Church and Telus to develop strategies to address issues in the community that impact all stakeholders.
  11. Develop Event and Infrastructure Sponsorship Criteria, Fund Development Policy and Donor Relations
  12. Collaborate with Calgary Federation of Communities, neighbouring Resident Associations, City of Calgary, Police Services, Insurance Provider and City Councillor to address community issues
  13. Facilitate U of C Business student volunteer participation
  14. Connect residents with their neighbours in order to develop a strong support system that meets the needs of all ages and stages.
  15. Provide Opportunities for a Diverse group of residents to participate in the community and find a sense of belonging in the neighbourhood
  16. Provide residents with accessible and sustainable recreational opportunities for both indoors at the Clubhouse and outdoors in the Clubhouse Park.
  17. Develop a variety of community programs to meet all demographics

Communications Director

  1. Develop a comprehensive Communication Plan for EPRA
  2. Develop the EPRA Brand
  3. Develop an annual Communications Budget
  4. Develop an annual survey of Elbow Park Residents
  5. Assist Directors and the Clubhouse Manager to communicate effectively
  6. Coordinate communication to EPRA Residents to ensure relevant information is communicated in a timely and efficient manner using optimal methods
  7. Assist in producing a monthly Gazette delivered digitally and "door to door"
  8. Ensure that communication methods, including social media, target the demographics of Elbow Park
  9. Chair a Communication Committee with volunteers to share the workload
  10. Assist with the development of event communicatios
  11. Update the style guide
  12. Oversee graphic design of posters for sandwich boards
  13. Assist the Website Manager
  14. Assist the Gazette Editor
  15. Assist with the development of a Photo Collection and Storage
  16. Develop a system to Store EPRA Documents
  17. Assist in finding contributors to the Gazette

Gazette Director

  1. Oversee the distribution of the “Gazette” to all households at least quarterly
  2. Develop an online version of the “Gazette” and distribute monthly
  3. Engage residents to make individual contributions to the Gazette.
  4. Increase and improve the content of the Gazette
  5. Connect with residents to submit articles for the Gazette
  6. Promote and Manage advertisement space in the Gazette
  7. Collaborate with the Glencoe Club Graphic Design group for printing

Membership Director

  1. Manage the online Membership Registration System
  2. Conduct a door to door “Membership Drive”
  3. Educate residents about the value of membership
  4. Increase membership purchases
  5. Maintain and Review Local Merchant  program annually
    a. Recruit local Businesses to join program
    b. Encourage business owners who live in Elbow Park to join program

Clubhouse Director

  1. Clubhouse Manager reports directly to Clubhouse Director
  2. Oversee maintenance, cleaning and management of the Clubhouse with the assistance of the Clubhouse Manager
  3. Increase the Revenue Source from Hall Rentals
  4. Develop Policies and Procedures for the Clubhouse
  5. Conduct a Risk Analysis and Safety Assessment for the Clubhouse annually and implement safety strategies
  6. Manage security camera system, Fire Security monitoring and other security issues for the Clubhouse
  7. Management of keys and system for key distribution
  8. Coordinate volunteer projects to enhance the Clubhouse

Landscaping Director

  1. Promote the Beautification of Elbow Park
  2. Organize the maintenance of lawn care in the Clubhouse Park
  3. On an annual basis, assess the health of trees in Elbow Park in collaboration with the City of Calgary Parks department and remove, replace or maintain trees accordingly.
  4. Manage the maintenance of the hedges and greenery in the Clubhouse Park.
  5. Manage the volunteers in the “Adopt a Traffic Circle” program.
  6. Assess the condition of the bollards and light standards donated by residents in previous years and organize maintenance for damaged ones
  7. Coordinate tree planting events with volunteers
  8. Collaborate with the City of Calgary to develop a Street Light Replacement Program that replaces lights with the street light specifically designed for Elbow Park.
  9. Manage Clean up projects in the neighbourhood
  10. Call 311 for any issues that deter from the beauty of Elbow Park
  11. Organize an initiative to improve Elbow Park

Events Director

  1. Provide the opportunity for residents to meet their neighbours in a social environment and to connect with each other in a meaningful way.
  2. Manage finances to ensure events Break Even or Fundraise
  3. Standardize project management for all events
  4. Ensure adequate Insurance and permits are purchased for events
  5. Ensure that events meet  health and safety policy
  6. Collaborate with Communication Director in order to promote events through all methods of communication
  7. Provide a Budget to the Board of Directors for approval of all events
  8. Provide direction to Event Chairpersons who report to Events Director

Community Relations Director

  1. Liaise with the Glencoe Club regarding the Sublease of the Tennis Courts, publishing the Gazette and sponsoring the Stampede Breakfast and other initiatives.
  2. Liaise with Telus regarding sponsorship of events, gifting the Telus CO Building and supporting community initiatives. 
  3. Liaise with Elected Officials representing Elbow Park.
  4. Liaise with community residents and connect them to activities of the EPRA.
  5. Provide direction to the Board of Directors regarding community relations

Flood Mitigation Director (Advisory Role only)

  1. Promote the implementation of Flood Mitigation projects that will decrease the risk of flood to Elbow Park Residents and Provide EPRA Board Representation at Government or Legal decision making bodies regarding flood mitigation projects
  2. Provide information to EPRA residents regarding CEAA
  3. Encourage resident participation in lobby efforts

Development Director

  1. Participate in City discussions regarding
    a. Community Representation Frameworks
    b. Main Street Development Plans
    c. Development Changes to Elbow Park
  2. Poll residents to determine views regarding:
    a. Rezoning
    b. Secondary Suites
    c. Architectural Guidelines
    d. Historical Preservation of Elbow Park
  3. Promote the historical nature of the century old homes through CHI (Calgary Heritage Initiative) and Century Homes Calgary.
  4. Develop partnerships with Home Developers to support initiatives of EPRA
  5. Investigate possibility of legalizing “Elbow Park Community Charter 2005”
  6. Provide Board representation on the Development Committee
  7. Write letters of dispute of City projects that do not enhance Elbow Park

Safety Director

  1. Collaborate with City Police on Crime Prevention Initiatives for Elbow Park area and Report Crime to residents in a timely fashion
  2. Organize safety initiatives such as Walk to School days, Sidewalk chalk on roadways and crosswalks, speed signs on streets, etc.
  3. Promote a program to decrease refundable containers in Blue Bins
  4. Create "Crime Updates" and communicate to members
  5. In collaboration with Christ Church, Telus, Schools, Youth and Parents, develop a strategy to address large youth gatherings in Elbow Park parkland & escarpments
  6. Facilitate residents to participate in discussions that will assist in crime reduction         

 Grant & Sponsorships Director

  1. Research grants for EPRA initiatives
  2. Complete the Grant application forms
  3. Coordinate quotes to be included in the application forms
  4. Develop a Sponsorship program for EPRA
  5. Recruit sponsors for events and community initiatives

NON-Board Positions

Development Committee Chairperson

    1. Monitor development permit applications in Elbow Park
    2. Provide ample opportunity for residents to provide feedback on permit applications
    3. Write letters of dispute to the City of Calgary regarding permits that do not fit with the vision of Elbow Park

Traffic Initiative

    1. Promote Safe driving and walking in Elbow Park
    2. Liaise with City in regard to Traffic Studies and Calming measures
    3. Collaborate with Police in order to deter vehicular behaviours
    4. Communicate with residents regarding traffic issues
    5. Implement community wide strategies such as "Paint the Pavement" 
    6. Collaborate with Schools on traffic initiatives

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