Disputing Development Permits

How will the EPRA Planning Committee help residents  to dispute Development Permit Applications ?

The EPRA Planning Committee has no formal jurisdiction or authority in planning matters but plays a valuable role in providing advice, background information and community context; expressing community issues and concerns to the City of Calgrary and to applicants; advocating for planning activity in the community when required; and attracting desirable development to the community. 

The purpose of the EPRA Planning Committee is to: 

a) be a positive and pro-active force in the direction, development and evolution of the phyiscal environment of the community; 

b) be mindful of the community's role in the overall development of Calgary, including relationships with neighbouring communities and the role of the Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan; 

c) promote community interests and faciliate community dialogue and education on planning and development issues and processes;

d) support the role and involvement of community groups and individuals in planning and developing issues and processes; and 

e) further the goals of the Elbow Park residents by supporting high quality development and community planning within the community. 

The Planning Committee only receives discretionary Development Applications. When an application is received: 

1. A member of the Committee will do a preliminary review of the application. 

2. The Committee will then notify neighbours, applicants and other stakeholders (as applicable) and invite them to a Planning/Review Meeting. 

3. The Committee will send a letter with comments and concerns to the City of Calgary File manager, inlcuding any comments/concerns from neighbours. 

4. The Committee will monitor the application's progress and contact the File Manager for updates if necesary. 

5. If the application is approved without regard to the community's vision, steps can be taken to file an appeal. 

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