• October 24, 2020 5:02 PM | Anonymous

    Dear Residents,

    EPRA continues to be active despite the disruption to our lives we are all experiencing. The Clubhouse reopened and the Hall is being rented again. Check out the calendar and the rates at and consider it for your next socially distanced event in the large Hall.

    The Glencoe Club who runs the tennis club under a sublease arrangement with us has packed up after a great season. You may have noticed that they used the old curtains from the indoor Tennis to cover the courts. We are hoping that this will protect the clay courts during the winter when they are covered with our ice.

    We are happy that we will be able to provide ice rinks again this year thanks to new Ice Coordinators. We will be using our funds again this year to pay Elite Yards to flood and maintain the rinks.

    Thank you to our 2nd VP Elrose Klause for her tireless work in applying for multiple grants to help our community. Grant applications take up a lot of time and effort her dedication to completing them has been unwavering. 

    We continue to work on the Park Concept Plan and hope that we will see some positive responses to several Grant applications that we have submitted. We hope to complete the outdoor heated Patio, Storage Unit and Pathway as our next priority. Thanks to a sponsorship from Valentine Volvo, we have purchased the new Garbage containers and Recycle bins for our park. Please keep EPRA in mind when considering your annual donations this year.

    The EPRA Development Committee is very active in keeping up with reviewing several Development Permits, Subdivisions and Rezoning applications. We will have our Strategy Session in order to review the Development Survey results, determine direction and develop a work plan. The topic of Development in Elbow Park has been a major focus over the past year and we will continue to be your voice regarding the changes that the City proposes for our community. Keep your eyes out for a special Development Issue of the digital Gazette coming out next week.

    Our Member Loyalty Program has launched and we are now establishing partnerships with local businesses. Let us know if your business would like to join. Stay tuned for discounts and other promotions offered to EPRA members in the future.

    We hosted a small Fall Gathering at the park this month to celebrate our volunteer Al Berti who spent hours weeding, planting and watering the traffic circle located at the SE corner of the park. A grant from the Calgary Foundation assisted with the purchase of plants. Our new partner, Blue Grass Nursery, provided a discount. Thanks to all of the neighbours who assisted with the project, including, Scott & Sarah who provided water from their house.

    We will be implementing a new crime report onto our website in the near future. It appears that we are seeing an increase in thefts from vehicles, garages and porches. The Clubhouse had the key lockbox stolen off the wall, however, fortunately there was no break-in. They were, however, able to access Christ Church which had items stolen. We met with our Police Constable this week to discuss our concern that the statistics don't match what we are hearing. It is important for us to report, report, report. In addition, Amy Norman, Safety Director, will be in close communication weekly with our Constable and the Intel Unit in order to ensure they are aware of what is occurring. Stay tuned for the launch of the online crime report form and stay vigilant. Report suspicious behaviour to the non-emergency line at 403-266-1234.

    We are happy to announce that Kelly Hewson has taken on the role of Gazette Editor. You will see three of her articles included this month. Stay tuned for more in our monthly Digital newsletter and Quarterly Gazette (next delivery in January).

    Our AGM is scheduled for next month, November 19. We will have a safe social distanced meeting in the Clubhouse, however, for those who would prefer, we will also have the meeting on Zoom. There will be a few "Cabinet shuffles" and terms completed. Tom Plunkett, our Treasurer, will complete his term. Thank you Tom for agreeing to assist with the transition of the new Treasurer until January 2021! In addition, we are seeking a 1st VP. This position is open for someone interested in taking on the President position in one year's time. I will stay on as President for one year and Past President for another in order to provide a smooth transition. If interested, let me know.

    Best Regards, 

    Jane Virtue

  • October 23, 2020 5:11 PM | Anonymous


    that before the Glenmore Dam was built in the 1930s, the lower Elbow River, by Elbow Drive and 30th Avenue SW, was full and clear enough to become one of Calgary’s biggest swimming holes, second in attendance only to the Bowness Lagoon? Developed by William Reader, Calgary’s inaugural Parks Superintendent (1913-42), the swimming facility was the first of its kind, and certainly the first to have what today still stands -- a change room/warming shack. (The swimming hole served as a skating rink in winter). Designated a Municipal Historic resource in 2014, the building is an example of ‘vernacular’ architecture, as demonstrated by its narrow bevelled wood siding, wood shingle roof, its multi-paned fixed windows, and its separate women’s and men’s entrances.

    (Source: City of Calgary Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources)

    History of Elbow Park

  • October 16, 2020 5:09 PM | Anonymous

    As with many communities we have seen an increase in bike thefts, porch piracy, car ransacking, and home/garage break-ins. Our neighbourhood safety committee along with the Calgary Police have some tips to protect your property and goods.

    To stave off bike thefts:

    • Register your bike on the non-profit

    • Use 2 U-locks (not cheap ones) or a U-lock and a heavy-duty cable, and secure bike to an immovable object, even if the bike is in your garage

    To mitigate the stealing of porch packages:

    • Have the parcels delivered to a work address, or to the house of someone you know will be home
    • Ask to have parcels held at the post office
    • Ship parcels to the store for pick-up
    • Require a signed confirmation of parcel

    Car Ransacking:

    • Lock your car doors; and make sure everything of value is out of car or in truck out of sight—particularly your garage door opener and extra set of keys.
    • Unlock car doors; make sure everything of value is out of car or in trunk out of sight; and put a sign on car that says nothing of value in here.
    • Keep your key fobs at least 50 feet away from your car when you place them in the house.
    • Park in bright light, and get a good front-of-house motion detector. But make sure the motion sensor is placed high enough on your house so the bulb can’t be reached and unscrewed.
    • Advertise the security system of your car. Even if you don’t have one, slap up a sticker.
    • Some prowlers are turned off by blinking lights on cars’ dashboards, which indicate a tracking device. (Dollarama has reasonable facsimiles thereof…)
    • Tempted as you may be, do not booby trap your vehicle. You could end up in jail rather than the thief.

    Home and Garage Break-ins:

    The Calgary Police service offers the following CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) tips online. Learn more.

    CPS stresses the importance, no matter how minor the theft, of reporting it, and any suspicious neighbourhood activity/people, by calling 403-266-1234 (911 in an emergency). Documentation of ALL crime is crucial in making the case for additional resources. 

  • October 09, 2020 5:06 PM | Anonymous

    We are excited to launch our EPRA Member Loyalty Program over the next couple of months. This new program will provide current members with perks and discounts from local businesses. 

    We are currently seeking local businesses and professionals to join us as business partners. Business Partners will be listed on our website, mentioned on social media and promoted via email communications. 

    To learn more about becoming a Business Partner check out our website

    Learn more

  • October 02, 2020 5:04 PM | Anonymous
    Thank you to Valentine Volvo for the sponsorship of four garbage containers and one recycling container for our park! 

    The Containers are a big upgrade from the old ones and a great start to the Park Improvement Project. We are thrilled to have the Containers installed and a contractor collecting the garbage for us. Our garbage worries are a thing of the past! 

    Thank you to our residents for their patience during the delay due to COVID.

  • April 28, 2020 8:42 AM | Anonymous

    Did you know?
    We thought we'd share some helpful resources and updates to help you navigate this period of self-isolation.

    Owl's Nest Books in Brittania is offering free delivery and curtsied pick up between 11 and 4 Monday to Saturday. Books can be ordered online or by phone. 403-287-9557

    Birthday Drive By - The Calgary Fire department drove by a home near the Clubhouse on Friday and blared their sirens for someone's birthday.  This new program has them drive by the homes of people aged 4-12 or those 75 and older and blare a siren and/or play Happy Birthday over the truck's loudspeaker.  Call 311 or fill out a Fire Department-Operation Birthday form online.  Of course, if the trucks are busy with emergencies the request will not be accommodated.

    The Calgary Public Library has online lessons to upgrade your professional skills or learn a new hobby and they are free of charge.   All you need is a free library membership you can get online at

    • has courses taught by industry experts in a wide variety of subjects including graphic design, Microsoft Office, project management and creative photography. There are also over 300 "Gale Courses" that are 6 week courses led by instructors to help advanced your skills in industries such as health care, finance, art, business and more.  These sessions start monthly. 
    • Your library membership also gives you access to Rosetta Stone language software for free.  Learn how to speak a new language with topic based lessons designed to help you communicate in different environments. 
    • Kanopy is a movie streaming platform that gives you access to quality videos, documentaries, virtual lessons or award-winning dramas or silver screen classics. It can be downloaded to your smartphone, tablet or home streaming device.
    • Free e-Books and audio books are also available for all ages and interests.  Parents can find good resources for home learning here. 

    Christ Church is offering Worship links on facebook or youtube.  They even have Live Service for families and kids on facebook. Check it out at

    Annex Ale Project Brewery - This adorable local brewery, located at 4323 1 St SE, closed their tap room on March 16 and began to make hand sanitizer.  Their goal is to "keep the brewery operational and help their friends at other breweries and distilleries stay in business, while making a small and humble contribution to the fight against COVID-19". The hand sanitizer refills come  in 473 ml cans. Once opened, the sanitizer needs to be transferred to a resealable vessel, such as a spray bottle, immediately. It's not the typical gooey sanitizer, but, it works! The hand sanitizer can be found close by at the Midtown Co-op or Britannia Sunterra. 

    The Banff Centre wants to share the epic adventure of the Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival with you! They are providing a curated program of free Festival films that are available online for you to watch at home with your family. 

    Youth Centres of Calgary Repurposed to meet New Need - Elbow Park resident, Jane Wachowich, Founder and Executive Director of the Youth Centres of Calgary has re-purposed the youth centre in Ogden to a place where people who struggle with food security can pick up lunches and bags of groceries on a daily basis.  She is expanding the service into the Dover community this week. Many other Elbow Park residents volunteer at the Centre and are now assisting with the new food program. Contact if you would like to assist with a donation.

    Puzzle Games for Kids - This local company specializes in creating awesome educational puzzle games for kids. Escape Mail is a curriculum-based puzzle adventure for kids and grownups alike. Best of all, you never have to leave your house, because it gets delivered straight to your mailbox.

    Town Halls Every Thursday with Jeromy Farkas - Jeromy Farkas is hosting WEEKLY Town Hall meetings through Facebook LIVE where he will update you on what is happening at City Hall and field any questions you might have.  If you would like to join him on Thursday nights at 7 pm go to You should be able to view the video even if you do not have a facebook account.  If the meeting doesn't begin at 7 pm, Refresh, and try again.

    Christy Haynes Pilate has moved Online - The Pilates classes that Christy was teaching at the Clubhouse are now available online!  Five free videos have been downloaded to date for your choosing, as well as mini shorts” you can add to your home practice. Stay strong Stay Tall and stay positive - Christy ❤ 

    Elbow Park Porch Portraits - Elbow Park resident and professional photographer Laura Colpitts is offering Front Door Portraits in Elbow Park on April 16, 17, and 18.  Laura will come to your house, and from beyond a safe physical distance,  will photograph you, your family, your pets — whomever you want, pyjamas welcome — through your windows, your front door, porch, driveway…whatever you ’e comfortable with. The purpose is to document who we are spending our time with, to inject a bit of fun into this pandemic process, and to give back to the community at large.  If you are interested, please contact her at to book a time.  The suggested session fee is $25, with $10 being donated to a local Covid-related cause.  You can view her work on Instagram @copperbluephotography.

    Dust Off the Sewing Machines!  Some people in Elbow Park are making their own cloth face masks and to make scrub caps to donate to organizations in need.  Check out this link to find out more.  How to Make a Face Mask.  

  • April 24, 2020 8:39 AM | Anonymous

    Residents of Elbow Park are able to send their comments regarding upcoming development permits through a new online system. Go to the Development Map and zoom into Elbow Park on the map, then click on the property you want to check (blue indicates DP application, green indicates Land Use Re-designation), click on the arrow next to the DP # to expand it, click on the Details (big red rectangle), you will see a red “Share your comments” button. You can only leave your comments during the review period, before the deadline. Contact for more information.  Visit our website for additional info on current applications.

  • April 13, 2020 8:44 AM | Anonymous

    Local Favourites Offering Curbside Pick-up & Delivery

    Some of Elbow Park's favourite restaurants are now offering curbside pick-up and meal delivery services to deal with the closure of their sit-down areas.  If you need a break from meal prep and would like to support a local business, we encourage you to take a peek at this list of restaurants for a robust look at offerings. This coming Wednesday is national #TakeOutDay so a good opportunity to show your support for your favourite eatery!

    Click Here for Restaurants Offering Curbside & Delivery

  • April 12, 2020 11:04 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    With Governments offering up COVID-19 financial aid, people are vulnerable to predatory cyber scammers.  People have been receiving text messages supposedly from the Federal government saying a $1,375 relief payment had been sent to them.

    The message provided a legitimate-looking URL and warned that "data rates may apply".  What those who clicked found was a website looking like a legitimate government site asking for personal information - including banking information- required to accept the deposit.

    The Canadian Fraud Centre is warning people to be wary of communications requiring urgent action or payment and/or offering medical advice, financial relief or government assistance and compensation.

    RCMP say that Albertans have reported being contacted regarding fake positive COVID test results, self assessment surveys, fraudulent donation campaigns and door-to-door decontamination services.

    Anti Fraud Tips

           If you didn't initiate contact, you don't know whom you're communicating with

           Never respond or click on suspicious links and attachments

           Never give out your personal or financial details

           Don't be pressured into making donations

           Verify independently what charities are registered

           Check the "from" address by hovering over the name

           Be wary of high-priced or low-quality products purchased by bulk by consumers and resold for profit

           Be wary of questionable offers, such as miracle cures, herbal remedies, vaccinations, faster testing

           Be wary of fake and deceptive online ads, including cleaning products, hand sanitizers adnd other items in high demand

           Verify information sources

           Be wary of clicking on the links provided in emails unless you know it is coming from an official source

           Do not follow the link in a text message, but instead, go to the URL using a trusted search engine such as google to find official resources

           Be wary of links that look official. Links can be directed to any page on the internet, including the scammer's own site

           Be wary of advertisements for "N95 Masks in Stock" or COVID-19 Testing Kits

           Be wary of offers for Free and you pay the shipping fee

           Check the Canadian Anti Fraud Website for a list of reported scams

  • April 12, 2020 8:48 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Dear Residents,

    I hope you're having a wonderful Easter weekend with your families.  As I know this is a day many of us would normally be gathering with our friends and extended family for a holiday meal, today may be a difficult one for many and I want to ensure everyone knows they're not alone in this amazing community. 

    At different times through this COVID journey, every one of us may need help, regardless of age or circumstance.  EPRA is grateful to have a list of people willing to volunteer and we are able to provide support in a variety of ways.  It is now time for people to provide those people with the opportunity to help.  Use this Elbow Park Cares Link  to fill out a form and a volunteer will contact you to provide assistance.

    If someone doesn't take on the job of receiving, others are unable to give.  And, this neighbourhood knows from experience that we are a group of people who like to give. How about we start to view the act of asking as a way of giving? 

    This is a time when each one of us is vulnerable.  It is time for us to gracefully accept our vulnerability, clearly define what it is we need and then, ask for help. 

    This is a time to shed our stoicism and our belief that being overwhelmed or emotional is a weakness. Vulnerability forges connection and the circumstances we find ourselves in right now is a perfect time for us to connect through vulnerability, become communal beings and find the joys of community.

    Asking for help is difficult because

    • we tell ourselves that we have it easy compared to someone else. It's easy to convince ourselves that we just need to toughen up and cope like everyone else. It's time to shed that belief.
    • we are afraid of rejection and a fear of being belittled if we share our vulnerability. Trust!
    • you may have experienced other people being dependent on you for help in the past and you don't want anyone else to feel resentment toward you. It's time to get over that.
    • perhaps you struggle with being the centre of attention and the sense of self consciousness about talking about yourself or a problem and asking for help is uncomfortable for you. It's time to be brave.
    • you might be afraid of what will be expected of you in return if you accept help. It's time to remind yourself that you have gifts that you share everyday without even knowing it. Let others share with you too.
    • you may feel that you have a sense of control if you deal with things all on your own. It's time to get clear on what you need and learn how to ask for something specific.

    Here are a few suggestions of what you might ask EPRA volunteers to assist you with:

    • you just got groceries, either delivered or on your own, but, they didn't have vanilla. Ask us to help you get vanilla delivered to your door.
    • you would like to put up a heart in your window, but, you don't have the supplies (or skill) and you'd like one delivered to your house
    • you are feeling overwhelmed and feel embarrassed because everyone else seems to be coping just fine. Ask us to have a volunteer call you on a regular basis just to say hi, how are you today?
    • you are having trouble with your computer or phone and would like someone to call and walk you through a solution
    • you need something mailed at the post office and you've been out several times this week already and you'd like someone who is going anyway to take your package for you
    • your son is teething, you're home alone and you'd like someone to bring over some Tylenol
    • you would like someone to make you a cloth face mask
    • you would like to join in on a Zoom session to meet new neighbours

    Please reach out to ask for help at Elbow Park Cares Link or phone Jane at 403-680-9320.  Any request is worthy, valued and treated with respect.

    We've done this before Elbow Park. Let's Connect and do it again!

    Jane Virtue

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