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Update from the EPRA Planning Committee

November 04, 2019 5:40 PM | Anonymous member

The new EPRA Planning Committee met for the second time and will continue to work to be a positive and proactive force in promoting high quality development and community planning in Elbow Park.

Widespread Community Engagement is necessary in order to clearly identify how Elbow Park can increase density without destroying the characteristics that are most valued by residents.

It has become clear to the Board, that this City Council intends to increase density in ALL neighbourhoods and they have no intention to listen to outright opposition by individual residents or community associations.  

The EPRA Board believes that the best approach to the densification strategies such as Secondary Suites, Back Lane Suites, Narrow Infill housing, Multifamily complexes, Subdivision and Rezoning is to take a proactive approach.  

The Planning Committee has been mandated to create a Development Plan for Elbow Park by updating the 2005 Elbow Park Charter.  The Plan will clearly identify the vision, principals and desired development outcomes for our neighbourhood.  

The Development Plan will identify what areas in the community can accommodate increased density.  In order to accomplish this, the Planning Committee will be engaging the residents in conversations such as:

  • what type of secondary suite and back lane suites can fit and where?

  • are there specific lots that can be designated for infill housing?

  • is there any space for multifamily housing?

  • what type of seniors housing can be accommodated?

  • can sustainable homes have a place here?

  • what recommendations do we want to give to the Province about the empty river lots?

  • what type of density do we want to see on river lots?

  • can we increase or improve our green spaces?

  • do we have plans for replacement of our mature trees at then end of their lifespan?

  • are there traffic and parking plans that can be implemented?

  • how do we ensure walkability?

  • is their room for childcare facility zoning?

The EPRA Board would like to engage the expertise of a Planning Firm to assist with this immense project. Funding will be required and a fundraising campaign will commence shortly.

Once the Development Plan is complete, it will be presented to Council and, if approved, will be a statutory document.  Presentation to Council needs to occur within 10 months in order to ensure the support of Councillors before the next election.  City Council agreed to assist Elbow Park with the creation of this document and it is prudent to complete the task while that is fresh in their minds.

It is in the best interest for Elbow Park to take this proactive approach and we hope that you will engage in the process.

How to get involved:

  • Become an EPRA Member  

  • Contribute to fund Planning Firm

  • Join the Engagement Sessions

  • Complete Surveys

If you have any comments or questions, please send them to  Any emails that are abusive in nature will not receive a response.  

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