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Special Projects

Current Capital Projects

Equipment Storage Building

EPRA is building a storage building. After resident feedback over the past two years, the plans were finalized and the Development Permit is underway. Construction will begin in July 2022. The Storage Equipment Building will be located adjacent to the Clubhouse and will replace the 2 old wooden sheds and 2 metal sea cans near the tennis court. The building will have three separate storage rooms: Clubhouse, Tennis and Hockey.  

The garage doors on each side of the building will facilitate smooth access to the boarded rinks in the park and the flooded tennis courts for the pleasure rink and future curling rink in the winter or the tennis courts in the summer. The size & height of the building will be adequate to store the boards necessary to operate two full hockey rinks and decrease the likelihood of people climbing onto the roof. The building will also house the rink flooding water system which will be a huge improvement over the current Clubhouse location. 

Building Illustration
Proposed Building Plans

We need your help to make this happen.    


Park Enhancement Project

A Landscape Architect was hired with the assistance of a Grant and Concept Plans created for the park adjacent to the Clubhouse. Because EPRA leases this park from the City of Calgary, residents are able to determine what the park is used for and make our own improvements. The first improvement made was the purchase of four upgraded garbage containers made possible with a sponsorship from Valentine Volvo.  


The next priority is to improve the Clubhouse Patios wrapping around the entire building.  The FRONT PATIO will be built in order to provide a welcoming entrance to the Clubhouse and will include a seating area where residents can congregate outdoors to visit.  Large planters will be placed on the patio in order to provide vegetation that is far more manageable than the current high maintenance garden.  

The HALL PATIO will be located outside the Hall doors on the Park side of the Clubhouse. HEATERS will be installed on overhang in order to increase outdoor usage in the colder months.  The patio will extend past the overhang in order to provide more space and a small low rock wall will provide definition.  


A pathway that circumnavigates the entire park is included in the Concept Plan in order to improve accessibility to all areas of the park.  New curb extensions will be installed in order to accommodate wheelchairs or other mobility devices.  The surface of the pathway will be made of a crushed rock material in order to facilitate strollers and mobility devices.  The walkway will be for pedestrians only and will exclude bikes, scooters etc.  The pathway will be placed on the perimeter of the park in order to ensure that the field remains open and available for soccer, hockey and other sports.

OTHER FEATURES are included in the plans such as:

  • benches
  • garden areas along pathway
  • community garden planters
  • fitness area
  • bike racks 

Park Enhancement Plan


Ice Rink Resurfacing Machine

The Storage Equipment Building has been equipped with features that will accommodate a Zamboni type resurfacing machine once sufficient funds are raised.  The radiant floor heating system and slope of the floors has been designed in order to facilitate drainage from the machine.

Learn more about the Ice Resurfacer on our wish list here. Cost is estimated at $50,000.

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Name our Parks

Some of our parks in Elbow Park are named with a simple number system such as EPK291 for the park adjacent to the Clubhouse and a couple have the names Peony (13A Street Park) and Edison Playground (4A ST & 39 Ave).  

EPRA will work with the City of Calgary to rename the green spaces in Elbow Park. This process will include:

  • Engagement with Residents
  • Resident Vote on Renaming
  • Fundraising for Signs
  • Install Signage in Parks

Please get involved with this fun project.  Who knows you might get to name your favourite park!

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