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In addition to reviewing DP applications, an important role of the Planning Committee will be to stay on top of the restructuring that the City of Calgary is proposing for the planning process. Once adopted, the Guidebook for Great Communities will replace the existing Zoning Bylaws, Developed Area Guidelines, Established Area Guidelines etc. 

To make sure that our voice is heard and we, as residents, are prepared for all the proposed changes, it is important that you stay informed and let the Planning Committee know what is important to you, what you want to preserve, and why you choose to live in Elbow Park. 

Future Development in Elbow Park

July 2020 Update: Guidebook for Great Communities - Concerns Raised by Community Associations

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The City is undertaking a "Complete Overhaul"  of the Planning process.  The first of the changes is the Guidebook for Great Communities".

The Guidebook was approved by the Planning and Urban Development Committee on March 4. It was supposed to go for final approval by Council on April 27. In view of the current Covid-19 situation, this process has been delayed. As of March 27, new date has not yet been set by the City. The delay was the result of a request by 42 communities. Use this link to go to the site: Guidebook Link 

In addition to the Guidebook, Elbow Park has been assigned to the West Elbow Multi Community Plan with 15 other communities. Currently the City is in the process of putting together a Working Group for the purpose of creating a clear and comprehensive Local Growth Plan (LGP) that will outline the future vision for growth and change at a local level.

The LGP will take approximately 18 months to complete and will be sent to Council for approval. The working group includes representatives from the business community, the building and development industry, landowners and one or two representatives from each of the 16 communities.

For more information and to apply for the Working Group, please go to West Elbow Communities Local Growth Plan. The deadline for submitting an application is April 19. 

The LGP working group will identify the “Neighbourhood Purpose” and “Urban Forms” for Elbow Park. We will most likely be designated as a “Neighbourhood Housing Local”.

The “Neighbourhood Housing Local” is defined by the City as:

"These areas will have the strongest delineation between private and public space and landscaped areas such as soft landscaped yards and patios. These areas will be primarily residential at various scales, and may support commercial uses that primarily serve people living in the immediate area, such as a barber shop or small convenience store.”

It should be noted, that the next step in this long process will eventually  “renew” the Land Use Bylaw that currently provide Elbow Park's housing category as RC1 (Residential Single Family homes). In a few years, when the Bylaw is renewed, the RC1 designation will be replaced by "Urban Forms” which will define the “defining characteristic of a community" versus designating a community as "Single Family Residential”.  

It has been made clear by City Planning that "no exclusionary policies" will be adopted and no community will be excluded from this plan.

The EPRA Planning Development Committee has been working with the City, but despite our attempts to get clarification and suitable answers, it is still unclear whether this plan outlined in the Guidebook will be a positive change for Elbow Park or not. 

Feb 22 CBC Article Link

The North Hill Community has just completed the Local Area Plan process and the Plan has just been released. For an example of what an LAP will look like, please visit: North Hill Plan

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