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Why Join?

Meet Your Neighbours

At pub nights, family events, 55+ club, yoga, movie in the park, skating parties, summer solstice, stampede breakfast, kennel club, tai chi, bridge and ....

Have Your Say

Provide feedback from a collective voice to the city and councillor about development plans, traffic, rezoning, subdividing, backyard suites, sidewalks, crime reduction, lighting, park planning, tree planting and roadways in the community you live in.

Vote at the AGM for your representatives on the epra board, goals & strategies and projects. 

Stay Current

On our initiatives with the gazette, website, facebook, twitter, blocktalk app, community consultation meetings...


Discounts and promotions from local merchants, on clubhouse rentals and newsletter advertising

Support Recreation in EPRA funded Park (Clubhouse Park)

Playground, green spaces, walking paths, skating rinks, tennis, sport & basketball court, field for soccer, picnics, pickup games...

Support EPRA funded Clubhouse

A hub for elbow park neighbours to connect, share, build, plan, socialize, exercise, play, put on their skates...

Support EPRA initiatives

Park conceptual planning, storage garage build, park pathway, tree pruning, rink lighting, beautification, park signage, community art...

You love Elbow Park

We have a shared love and appreciation for a unique common backyard. We appreciate a neighbourhood with a long history and longstanding residents.  We like being in close proximity to all that Calgary's downtown has to offer.  We love the river, trees, green spaces, schools and recreation facilities are valued. EPRA Members love Elbow Park.

Membership & Renewals

Memberships are valid from January through December. 

Resident Membership: This membership is for residents who live within the boundaries of Elbow Park.  Resident members are permitted by the EPRA bylaws to vote at the AGM.

Non-Resident Membership: This membership is for residents who do NOT live in the boundaries of Elbow Park, however, border the boundaries of Elbow Park and want to participate in the benefits of membership.  Non-Resident Members are NOT able to vote at the AGM.

Membership fees collected mid-year will not be pro-rated. However, NEW memberships sold in December will expire on December 31 following the one year anniversary purchase. This extension does not apply to renewals.

Membership renewal notices will be sent out 2 weeks in advance of due date.

Memberships are household memberships:
  • Resident $40
  • Non-resident $50 

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