EPRA Planning Committee

Roles of the Planning Committee

  • Review Development Permit Applications and provide feedback to the City. 
  • Analyze and map our community to identify what is important to  our residents, how we can preserve our character and identity. 
  • Engage residents with workshops and information sessions. 
  • Updated existing 2005 Charter (EPRA Charter.pdf ) and get support of at least 75% of residents in order to evolve it into a Statutory document. 
  • Work with City Planners to create a Local Area Plan, based on the updated Charter. 

Planning Process

The Planning Committee has an obligation to provide oversight in a fair, responsive, transparent and consistent manner. We strive to develop  strategies to evaluate applications for Development Permits under the policies set by the City of Calgary (through its long-term development plans, Land Use Bylaw and permitting process) and taking into consideration our community needs. We do not set policy on community issues like densification, secondary suites, safety or lot size but can help frame community guidance outlined in the EPRA Charter. 

Development Permit Applications that are fully compliant with the contextual rules under the existing Bylaw are automatically approved by the City without community review. This was intended to provide for the efficient permitting of projects without roadblocks while still maintaining stable communities, although it sometimes has the unintended consequence of not filtering design issues that the EPRA would like to comment on. Residents and prospective residents do not have input but rely on the Bylaws and zoning structure for confidence that the standards of their community will be protected within that process.  

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