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The Elbow Park Residents Association is looking for the following volunteers to help us build a strong community.

Clubhouse Handy Person
EPRA is responsible for the maintenance of the Clubhouse and we are in need of someone who is "handy" to help out with some maintenance jobs.  Doors need to be tightened, furnace filters changed and paint chips repaired.  Please send an email entitled "Clubhouse Handy Person" 

Event Director & Event Committee
The Event Director is a Board position and responsible for the planning of four main community events per year. Responsible for recruiting and organizing the Event Committee volunteers.   Please send an email with the title Event Director or Event Committee to

Landscape Director 

This Landscape Director is a Board position and responsible for managing the contracts with the various landscape firms required for the maintenance of the lawn and trees in the EPRA leased park. In addition, the Landscape Director coordinates park enhancement, tree planting and beautification projects in the neighbourhood. If interested please send an email to with the title Landscape Director Volunteer.

Volunteer Coordinator

We've got a list of volunteers and need someone to get them organized.  The Volunteer Coordinator would be responsible for matching volunteers to the particular job, scheduling them and assisting with training. Please contact the President for more info.

Adopt-a-Traffic Circle
If you can gather your neighbours to help weed, prune and nurture the garden inside the traffic circle during the Summer months, this is a fun way to beautify the neighbourhood. Some neighbours pull their hose over to the circle on dry days as a way to volunteer in their community. Please send an email with the title "Volunteer for Traffic Circle" to

Odd Jobs Clubhouse
Sometimes the Clubhouse needs a door adjusted, a screw tightened and a furnace fiddled with. If you are someone who knows the difference between a flathead and a Philips, let us know. We will have odd jobs that a group of volunteers can pick away at. 1 hour and upward. You choose. Please send an email with the title "Odd Jobs Clubhouse" to 

Block Captain
Volunteer to be the Captain of your own residential block and assist with Emergency Plans, Crime Reduction Messages, Membership Drive and other Block Participation in Elbow Park. One time job & meet the neighbours on your block! 2 hours/month Please send an email with the title "Block Captain Volunteer" to

Skating Rink Maintenance
Joine the team of ice maintenance volunteers who tieredlessly work at keeping the ice in great condition for us to enjoy.  Email with the title 'Ice Maintenance Volunteer' to 

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