Directors of the Board 

Jane Virtue

President, Jane Virtue (since June 2018)

Jane has a keen interest in connecting people in order to influence change. She believes that open communication, transparency and collaboration will improve any situation.  She began as a Registered Nurse who moved into management and later, after completing her MBA, she turned her focus to Business Strategy.  Jane now uses those skills in her work with non-profit organizations including EPRA.

Vice President, 
Shannon Young

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2nd Vice President, 
Elrose Klause (since January, 2019, Past Treasurer 2015-2019)

Resident of Elbow Park for close to thirty years who appreciates the many advantages our neighbourhood provides and has chosen to volunteer time to “give back” to this community. Strong finance/accounting and risk background culminating with the position of Director of Financial Management for the Calgary Public Library, from which I will be retiring later in 2019.

Tom Plunkett

Tom Plunkett (since January 2019)

Currently a Portfolio Manager with a degree in Economics and MBA, Tom is most proud of his accomplishment as husband to Sarah and father to Liam and John. Tom has been an Elbow Park resident since 1997 and contributes not only his financial skills but offers EPRA guidance and manual labour with our park trees and shrubs.

Margo Coppus

Secretary & Development, 
Margo Coppus

Sarah Geddes

Communication Director, 
Sarah Geddes

Past President, 
Micheal Murray

Lisa Poole

Community Relations, 
Lisa Poole

Don Ballance CPA., CA.

Membership Director, 
Don Ballance

Clubhouse Director, 
Jason Grelowski

Landscaping Director, Vacant

Safety Director, Chris Reid

Tom O'Leary

Flood Mitigation Director, 
Tom O'Leary

Social Events Director, Lana Janmohamed

Grants Director, Vacant

Non-Board Positions 

Gazette Editor

Traffic Initiative 38th/Elbow
Dave Newby

Traffic Initiative 38th Ave
Linda & Graham McFarland

William Reid Traffic Initiative
School Council

Traffic Circle Garden 36 Ave
Marilyn Wilson & Paul Bryden

Other Traffic Circles

Development Committee
Donna Conway

Casino Chairperson
Bob Dick

Basketball Court Initiative
Kent Brown

Celebrate Chairperson
Lana Janmohamed

Solstice Chairperson
Ellie Siebens

Christmas Eve Skating Party
Shannon Young

Stampede Breakfast
Jane Virtue

800 34 Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2T 2A3


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