Help us improve Elbow Park, together we can make it more beautiful.

The NeighbourWoods Program is coming to our community in 2015 and you can get involved in this great opportunity. Our Community Association is partnering with The City of Calgary’s NeighbourWoods Program which is a residential street tree planting program that promotes a healthy urban forest and encourages stewardship in our community. Help grow and preserve Elbow Park’s urban forest by becoming a Residential Tree Steward and plant a tree near your house.

For a $30 participation fee per tree, residential tree stewards will plant a tree on city owned property in front of and/or adjacent to their home, as well as a complimentary 45-minute educational workshop and tree planting demonstration in our community! For more information or apply to become a Residential Tree Steward call 3-1-1 or visit before May 14th, 2015.