Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved in the Elbow Park Community Association (EPRA). Here are a few opportunities to help with community initiatives that we are working on now.  

  • Help to improve the website 
  • Organize the new Clubhouse Kitchen
  • Build new storage benches for the Hall
  • Prune Hedges in the Parks
  • Volunteer for the Casino on Tue/Wed, Feb 26, 27
  • Make a wooden sign for the front of the Clubhouse
  • Help organize a Pub Night in the Clubhouse
  • Go door to door for Membership Drive
  • Join a Task Force for Safety and Traffic Issues
  • Adopt a Traffic Circle to weed 
  • Organize a “Speaking Series” at the Clubhouse
  • Join the Committees for Celebrate or Solstice events
  • Write an article for the newsletter


We are working on:

  • Eliminating cut through non-residential traffic;
  • Discouraging speeding;
  • Promoting and facilitating pedestrian and cyclist-friendly amenities;
  • Engaging in effective communication with community residents and other stakeholders to seek support for traffic committee initiatives;
  • Finding a balance in situations where community residents have differing views on implementation of barriers, traffic calming measures, and other ways to achieve the EPRA’s goals. 

Please contact the Traffic Committee if you have a specific traffic related complaint you would like us to look into, or if you would like to get involved.