April/May 2012

The EPRA Safety Committee has come up with an idea to address a growing concern for our community. This concern is increased home/yard/garage thefts and altercations with bottle pickers. With the introduction of the Blue Bin recycling program many people put refundable items in their bins for weekly pick-up. Very few people have the time or inclination to return.. read more →

February 2012

Calgary Police Services are currently working with the Elbow Park Safety Committee on an initiative to reduce transient bottle pickers and the amount of refundable containers going into our blue bins. A good way to reduce the attractiveness of our alleys to transient bottle pickers is to not put deposit items in recycling bins, and to.. read more →

December 2011

The Calgary Police Service offers these easy tips to help protect yourself and your property: Help police stop car prowlers this Christmas season The Christmas season is a busy time of year for holiday shoppers and car prowlers alike. The Calgary Police Service suggests taking a few simple preventive measures to help protect your vehicle.. read more →

Safety Committee

EPRA has created a committee to address issues of community safety. The goals of this committee are as follows: Education: To provide regular and timely information to the residents of Elbow Park for the purpose of education and awareness regarding relevant safety issues facing our community. Monthly Safety Bulletins will be provided via the EPRA website.. read more →

September 2011

If the area has the look of a place people are proud of, it will attract less crime and vandalism. Keep it tidy, clean and in good repair Emphasize natural surveillance as best as we can. Clear overgrown bushes, suckers etc. to make the areas around the clubhouse and playground more visible from the roads.. read more →